Air Conditioning
  Air conditioning and Ventilation Systems  
Air Conditioning for offices and common areas
Split type or central system
Chiller or DX
Air conditioning to control temperature and humidity
• High efficiency filtration and air change
• Application for electronic rooms
Microprocessor control
  Airflow control for UPS room, engine room
Extraction system for generator room
Contained Aisle  

Separates cold supply and hot exhaust air
Prevents recirculation of hot air to eliminate hot spots
Fully modular system
Can be equipped with optional door openers/closers
Can be integrated with access control system

Rack Cooling Air Conditionners  
  Improve efficiency in comparison with traditional precision ac units
Less distance between the IT and cooling equipment means less power required
to cool the data center so lower Total Cost of Ownership CTO
Brings the cooling right to where the heat is generated so no more hot spots.
Works at elevated temperatures improving efficiency while eliminating hot spots