Power Supply
  Power Supply  
UPS System  
“L3 communications” the American brand with UPS manufacturing facilities in Germany has supplied reliable energy systems for the most diverse areas of application in commerce and industry

Outdoor UPS-AC Solution For Telecom BTS Sites

The outdoor UPS, is an intelligent UPS with a sine wave output, with high efficiency and
reliability, it provides reliable and high quality AC power to your sensitive equipment

Outdoor DC solution for Telecom BTS Sites  

• High frequency rectifier technology
• Cooling (DC Fans)
• Dry contact for fault.under,over voltage alarms
• Wide input range
• VRLA or AGM batteries
• High efficiency
• Overload and short circuit protection
• Over and under voltage output protection
• Optimized for use with generators
• IP 45 outdoor cabinet

Stabilizer - Servo Motor  
  • High Efficiency in each model
  • Electro-mechanic high-low voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Ability to work with non-linear loads.
  • Wide input voltage range optional
  • Input surge arrestor protection
  • Optional: Isolating transformer at input Manual By-pass.