Server Cabinets
  Server Cabinets  
Server cabinets

The RSF rack is designed as a pure server cabinet and is intended to be
used in data centers, equipment rooms and network or telecommunication closets.

The RSF's heavy duty, all welded construction and 1000kg load rating mean that it's
possible to accommodate the heavy equipment within a standard rack footprint.

High Density Wire Management  
The new range of High Density Wire Managers ensures that cabling can be properly managed whilst maintaining bend radii for today's high speed data cabling and helping to optimize network throughput. Cable can have a serious impact on the efficiency of your data transmissions. Poorly managed cables can adversely affect network throughout, whilst poorly arranged patch cords can make cabling moves, ads and changes difficult to achieve. High Density Wire Managers all feature lightweight aluminum alloy covers, sheet steel or aluminum alloy bases depending on size and configuration and plastic T-fingers.
Rack Monitoring System  
The importance of monitoring the environmental conditions inside and outside of the rack cannot be over-stated. RAMOS Mini range ensures that the environment is accurately monitored 24x7. Any deviation to the operating environment outside of the user defined thresholds will be automatically reported so that operators are aware of any potential problems and can quickly dispatch maintenance personnel to address the problem(s), limiting or completely preventing downtime within the facility. The RAMOS Mini is available in three model types, which differ by their number of input and output circuits, but all retain the essential early warning features for alerting of operators.